For subjects like technological subjects, sciences and engineering.

Technology. Science. Engineering.

Der T-Kurs öffnet Ihnen die Tür zum wichtigen Bereich der Technologien und Natur­wissen­schaften.

Do you want to become an engineer or architect? Are you interested in mathematics, phsics, chemistry or coding? The T-Course prepares you thoroughly for studying STEM subjects.

Subjects you can study after completing the T-Course..

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Machine Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Materials and Engineering
  • and many more!

Essential facts concerning the course.


Requirements for admission: You need a university entrance certificate from your country. You also need German language skills on level B1 of the common European Framwork (CEF)

Students from China and Vietnam Also need a certificate issued by the APS-bureau at the embassies in Beijing and Hanoi.

Before the admission to the course, you should have already applied to a German University for the subject you want to study. We can provide you with additional information. We also advice you to consult the information provided by the working service point for international student applications

Duration. ­Content. Final exam.

The W-Course at the WBS Studienkolleg lasts two terms with 36 weeks of education.

Taught subjects: German language, mathematics, chemistry, physics, English language and computer science.

The education at the WBS STUDIENKOLLEG includes 32 periods a week:: 10 periods of German language, 8 periods of mathematics, 6 periods pf physics, 4 periods of chemistry and 2 periods of  English language and computer science each.

At the ende of the education your have to participate in a written final exam, called Fest­stellungs­prüfung, that will be held in the following subjects: German language, mathematics and either chemistry if physics. An oral exam might be necessary. After passing the exam you will be granted a certificate that proofs that you are proficient in the subjects necessary to apply to a German university.

Additional information concerning the education at a Studienkolleg in Germany can be found in the Studienkollegverordnung.  (in German)

Tuition Fee and Expenses.

The education at the WBS STUDIENKOLLEG 5.960,00 €, including admission, final exam and certificate.

Further information about the usual expenses while studying in German can be found in the AFQ.

Build your bridge into the exciting world of Technology, Science and Engineering